Sirenz of Truth

These are the initial character designs for the Sirenz of Truth protagonists. These girls are part of an elemental powered superhero/roller skater team. This started as a pitch for an animated series but evolved into a comic series.

Mauricio morali indi letter revisions

INDI-pen-dent the team leader. With the power of water.

Mauricio morali gail force letter revision

Gail Force, the intelligent nerd and k-pop fan with the power of air.

Mauricio morali juanita speed final

Juanita Speed, the tomboy-ish gearhead with the power of metal.

Mauricio morali pow letter

Pi'Ilani POW, the aspiring comedian with the power of earth.

Mauricio morali anne inferno letter

Anne Inferno, the skate poi dancing master with the power of fire.