Netflix's Legend Quest Episode 9: Nu Gui

These are some of the backgrounds I made for Netflix's Legend Quest. In this episode the gang travels to China, where they encounter a new villain: Nu Gui and her terracota warrior army.

Mauricio morali chinacavetempleextday v003

The underground temple.

Mauricio morali ly109 nugui sc002 tk2

The terracota warriors.

Mauricio morali ly109 nugui sc108 tk2

Part of the interior of the temple.

Mauricio morali ly bg overallplanmarcelastownextnight

Marcela's flashback: the village view from the tool shack.

Mauricio morali ly bg overallplanmarcelastownburningsideangleextnight v001

Marcela's flashback: the village in flames (No effects shown)

Mauricio morali marcelashouse2

Marcela's flashback: the wrecked new home.

Mauricio morali marcelashousecabinextnightv002

Marcela's flashback: the closed tool shack.

Mauricio morali marcelashousecabinbrokendoorextnightv002

Marcela's flashback: the opened tool shack.

Mauricio morali kitchen

Marcela's flashback: the magically lit fireplace.