Netflix's Legend Quest Episode 7: Tooth fairy

These are some of the backgrounds I made for Netflix's Legend Quest. This show and its characters are based on a series of movies about mexican legends. For this series, the universe had a reboot and redesign, where the characters have to travel around the world on board a magical airship to confront legends of different countries and cultures in order to save their friends.

These are the backgrounds I drew for Legend Quest's episode 7, which happens in England.

Mauricio morali stcyrilsintnight

The orphan house mess hall.

Mauricio morali ly107 toothfairy sc261 tk2
Mauricio morali ly107 toothfairy sc434 tk2

One of the last shots of the episode where the camera looks upwards from the street to see the passing airship.

Mauricio morali ly bg stcyrilshallway03intdayv002

The corridor from the entrance to the staircase.

Mauricio morali ly bg stcyrilssecondfloorintnight

One of the bedrooms for the orphans.

Mauricio morali ly107 toothfairy sc388 tk3

One of the cave corridors under the orphan house.